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Did you know . . . . . . . .

It is estimated that 171 million people worldwide have diabetes. By 2030 this could double.

Heart disease accounts for 50 . 80% of all deaths in people with diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney failure.

Deaths from diabetes in the UK are likely to soar by a quarter over the next decade . as the number of overweight people rises.

Diabetes retinopathy is a major cause of blindness.

At least half of all cases of Type 2 diabetes could be prevented if weight gain in adults was avoided.

Diabetic foot conditions can lead to foot ulceration and limb amputation (50% of foot ulcers will result in amputation).

Up to 50% of patients with diabetes experience some form of neuropathy. Neuropathy can lead to sensory loss, damage to lower limbs and impotence.

Joe Muscat
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Disclaimer: Everything I describe on this website has worked for me. I have no financial or other links with the South Beach Diet or other diabetic organisations. I just want to share my experiences with other diabetes sufferers in the hope that they too can live a better - and longer - life. Always consult your doctor or medical practitioner before undertaking any diet or exercise program.